An administrative committee is responsible for overseeing the appropriate use of security camera systems on campus. Video surveillance policies are outlined in the operations manual. You can learn more about this process and the responsibilities of each party on the video surveillance services page of the ITS website.


Jan Bringman

Jan McDonald

Director, Security Engineering Services


  • Before submitting a workflow request, please contact ITS (its-ITconnect@uiowa.edu) for a quote to cover the cost of security camera hardware and the installation of the camera(s).
  • ITS and Campus Safety will then review the project and provide an estimate.
  • Upon receiving an estimate, submit a workflow request for final approval.


Departments are responsible for:

  • Purchasing cameras and network connectivity (if needed) via a one-time fee
  • Cost of repair and/or replacement of cameras
  • Payment of a monthly fee which covers licensing, servers, storage space, and system administration
  • Coordinating with Campus Safety to ensure the appropriate users have access to the system
  • Attending training

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Learn more about this process and the responsibilities of each party.