Nite Ride is a free late-night transportation service available to all UI students, faculty, and staff. The service is powered by an online request application, which allows users to request rides from their mobile device or desktop computer using their Hawk ID. Express rides directly to your final destination are also available beginning at $1.


10 p.m. to 5 a.m. (daily)

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Standard Service


Express Service

Begins at $1

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Rules and Safety

  • The safety of our passengers is our top priority.
  • All vehicles are audio and video recorded.
  • All vehicles are driven by trained full time security officers or trained part time student security officers.
  • If you plan to take Nite Ride to the GuideLink Center, you must be accompanied by a friend.
  • Individuals who have been drinking will not be refused service, however inappropriate or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.
  • If there is any inappropriate, unsafe, or illegal behavior the driver will stop the vehicle.
  • Those who violate Nite Ride policies may be arrested and face possible expulsion from the university.
  • If you have any safety concerns during your ride, immediately contact the driver or call 911.

Student Org Volunteer Opportunities

Student orgs interested in supporting the Nite Ride service can now volunteer to to drive for the service and earn money for their student organization.


To request a ride, visit niteride.its.uiowa.edu and enter your cell phone number, pick up location, drop off location, and vehicle preference as prompted.

You can also arrange a ride by dialing 319-384-1111.

  1. Make sure location services are turned on in your cell phone settings.
  2. Visitniteride.its.uiowa.edu to begin the ride request process.
  3. Log-in using your HAWKID and password.
  4. Click “Make a Request.”
  5. Enter your cell phone number.
  6. Select the nearest pre-loaded pick-up location and drop off location based on your GPS location.
  7. Enter your vehicle preference and number of passengers.
  8. Confirm your request information.
  9. Click “Submit request.”
  10. The page will refresh when your ride has been assigned.
  11. You will receive a text message when your ride is approaching and a confirmation email.

Standard: The standard Nite Ride service is free, has seating for up to 13 passengers, and will drop each passenger off at their final destination depending on geographic location.

Express: The Nite Ride Express service is $1 per person, has seating for up to three passengers, and will drop you off directly at your final destination.

You can cancel your request on the ride request application before a vehicle has been assigned.

If a vehicle has been assigned, call 319-384-1111 to cancel your request or update your information.

You can cancel your request on the ride request application before a vehicle has been assigned.

If a vehicle has been assigned, call 319-384-1111 to cancel your request or update your information.

You can only request a ride when Nite Ride is in operation, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily.

The Nite Ride fleet includes a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

If you are a person with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation in order to use Nite Ride, select the “wheelchair accessible vehicle" option in the ride request application, or contact Campus Safety at 319-384-1111 to arrange a ride.

Other resources that are available include the Bionic Bus and the Accessible Fixed Route Service provided by Cambus.

For more information on transit services for persons with disabilities, visit the university’s Parking and Transportation website.

Weather, staffing levels, and an increased demand for the service can impact wait times.

We recommend planning ahead. For example, if you are studying at the library but know you would like to be on your way home around 11 p.m., we recommend requesting a ride 20-30 minutes earlier. You will receive a text message when your ride is approaching, which allows you to go outside when the vehicle arrives to avoid waiting outdoors.

Yes. Students, faculty, and staff can take Nite Ride to the GuideLink Center, which provides immediate care for adults facing emotional, mental health, or substance use challenges. 

Those who want to use Nite Ride to get to this location will be required to be accompanied by a friend or family member to provide extra support. Nite Ride will provide return transportation for the support person.

News and Updates

Campus Safety to offer extended Nite Ride hours during finals week

Thursday, March 28, 2024
The free late-nigh transportation service will operate on an 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. schedule May 5-9.

Campus Safety rolls out Nite Ride updates

Monday, December 4, 2023
Campus Safety is rolling out several updates to its Nite Ride service in an effort to decrease wait times and expand safety services on campus.

Campus Lost and Found, Fingerprinting Services move to first floor of UCC

Wednesday, November 8, 2023
As of Monday, Nov. 6, both Lost and Found and Fingerprinting Services are being offered out of 139 UCC, located on the first floor in the suite next to Student Disability Services.