Students Helping OUT (SHOUT)

SHOUT provides trained student ambassadors to patrol during student sponsored events, student gatherings, and in downtown Iowa City during high traffic, weekend hours with a focus on bystander intervention and overall safety.

The mission of the SHOUT program is to provide a community service to students and other patrons by helping a lost person find their group, arranging safe transportation via NITE RIDE, and providing public education about the Rave Guardian app and other safety services the organization offers.

This program is focused on community service as opposed to law enforcement and compliance. Police will not be requested for minor infractions (such as jaywalking, riding bikes in unauthorized areas, tobacco compliance, or loitering) unless there is an immediate concern for someone's health or safety. 

The SHOUT program is another layer of the organizations focus on community outreach and aims to create an avenue for students to play an active role supporting campus safety and building a community of care.

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    This service is provided by student security officers Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. in downtown Iowa City as staffing allows. 

    This service can also be requested to support specific events on campus. 

    SHOUT areas of operation typically include:

    North — East Market St

    East — South Dodge St

    South — East Burlington St

    West — South Madison St 

    • Helping an individual who is separated from their group
    • Helping facilitate safe transportation by foot, Nite Ride or SHOUT vehicle
    • Helping students set up a Rave Guardian profile
    • Bystander intervention and overall safety

    • SHOUT student ambassadors do not provide medical care to an incapacitated person; professional medical assistance will be requested. 
    • SHOUT student ambassadors do not intervene in violent situations; police assistance will be requested.

    Apply to be a student security officer, and learn more about opportunities to participate in the SHOUT program.

    Contact one of our Security Supervisors: