The Card Access unit is responsible for the security of all electronic access-controlled doors and associated electronic components, and managing the video surveillance platform and intrusion systems integrated with electronic access to CCTV. This work includes:

  • Card reader repair
  • Accessible door operators
  • Door holders
  • Assigning access as directed by department authorizers
  • Assist departments with issuance of temp/visitor cards
  • Program door schedules for authorizers

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Visit the Facilities Management Service website to request a project estimate (black button) or card reader installation (green button). 


Door Access

Electronic Door Access Automation provides the ability for colleges, departments and other university organizations to automate electronic door access rights assignments for individuals based on their university affiliation.

In an effort to improve staff efficiency and security, this service takes advantage of institutional data sources to automatically add and remove user access.

This service is provided by the ITS-AIS Identity and Access Management team, in partnership with Campus Safety and Security Engineering Services.

To initiate this process, submit the workflow form on this page.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric facial readers provide an enhanced security solution for doors in high security areas. These new readers replace the legacy hand geometry readers. 

If you're interested in learning more about biometric access control, email

BioConnect Facial Biometric Reader

Bioconnect facial recognition reader

Request Electronic Door Access Automation

Automate building access for your unit.


An access card is used to gain entry into a locked building or room instead of using keys.

New incoming students who attend orientation will receive their access card with their university ID. Students that did not attend orientation will need to go to the Iowa One Card office.

Request electronic access via your building coordinator or administrative software operator.

  • Maintain, secure and be responsible for any access card issued.
  • Do not share or loan your card.
  • Report the loss or theft of your access card to the Campus Safety, residence hall desk, supervisor, building coordinator, or Access Services.
  • Do not punch a hole in the card.

The card is the property of the University of Iowa. It is non-transferable and must be returned to the university upon request or separation.

To report a lost or stolen card, follow the detailed instructions on the Iowa One Card website.

Please notify the Iowa One Card office immediately if you discover that your card is lost or stolen. Promptly reporting the card missing will protect you from improper charges to your account and other misuse of the Iowa One Card.

If you suspect the theft and/or unauthorized use of your card, report it immediately to Campus Safety, residence hall desk, supervisor, building coordinator, or Access Services.

No. Access for individual buildings can be assigned to the card by the building coordinator for the specific building, or administrative software operator.